Frankfurt Gateway is down!

Hi guys,

The Frankfurt Gateway is down and it’s affecting the DoT server.

If you are using Blokada 6 you might be facing issues connecting to the Private DNS.

We are currently working on a solution and will be sharing continuous updates on this thread.

Thank you for you patience and sorry for the inconvenience!


If you have a Blokada Plus subscription, you can switch to another location and it should be working fine for you.

Thank you for the info.
We are waiting for news.


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Servers are back up (Updat)e:

Our ISP in Frankfurt had routing issues in their network which caused our service in this location to stop working.

We have mitigated the issue and will continue improving the services next week to avoid similar issues in the future.

Blokada should be working now!

Working fine for me.

Thank you


Thx for the update

I can comfirm is working now as nefore the issue. Privat DNS Vendor Host is reachable again. :grinning:

was able to activate Blokada, VPN is now Amsterdam.
Everything is working again for me.

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