[Feature Request] Have a list of applications that get blocked

Hi all.

I have two ideas to add to the “Activity” view:

  • add a third menu to the recent/top view; application.
    where I could see what application is being blocked the most.

  • When clicking one of the blocked / allowed entries, have a list of applications shown.
    Also show what blocking list blocked this event.

Both of those would make it easier to troubleshoot if and when there is a problem with an application not working as intented.
Is Blokada blocking it and if yes, what filter is the reason.

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Basically this:

Please read the github issue I’ve linked you
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Thank you.

For a blocked request, show the application that that submitted the dns request, perhaps even allow filtering by application. Figuring out what blocked request broke an application is sometimes impossible without a tie between the request and the application. Especially with forwarded requests.

I assume this is what you meant :slight_smile:
Correct me if I’m wrong though

That request is a lot more ambitious than I was thinking. I basically just want to be able to track a blocked request back to the app that made the request and see what it asked for that got blocked. I hadn’t thought about which block list contained the pattern that was blocked, but since the lists are combined, I can see how it might be difficult to determine the block list source. It would be very useful if possible, since I’d know which block list or block list component to disable so I could get an app or website working again!

So… The main thing is this:

Understood that determining the source block list is not attainable currently. I’m primarily interested in which application requested a blocked entry. That way I could at least decide to put a logged blocked dns request entry on my allow list to see if I can get an app working again. Instagram and some others are all over the place and figuring out what requested dns resolution that got blocked would be helpful. I understand it may be an unreasonable ask if it’s something that would negatively impact performance or extremely difficult.

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