Can a shortcut be added instead of a widget

I was wondering if in the next update could there be a shortcut added that activates blockada instead of a widget for me this is better as i have an automation app that can launch shortcuts automatically.

Did you try the quick settings tile already? Open your notifications tray and add it there :slight_smile:

Ye i have added that but a home screen shortcut like the widget eould be better for me.

There’s one already. It’s a 1x1 Blokada widget

Ye i have seen that as well but even though widgets and shortcuts do the same thing they work differently

Then I guess I don’t understand your question correctly xD
Could you try to explain the difference to me?

I had to search this up myself as i dont understand myself but from what i can tell a widget is a program that updates such as a weather widget displaying the weather changes when the app updates whereas a shortcut is just like an app icon however instead of launching the app it will just activate blokada like the widget

You can use tasker already

Personally i use automate or macdroid automation apps as they are free. They can launch the entire app or launch a shortcut but not a widget unfortunately can tasker do that other than using toutch comands

There’s Easer as well.
It’s available over at
Blokada is optimized to be launched by Tasker applications

Ye just found out thought that option was for the tasker app only. That is an amazing feature and lobe to see that blokada has included that. Even though most people wont use this it should be mentioned to users.

There’s already a tasker integration
It is included since quite a while now and isn’t considered news anymore :slight_smile:
Here’s a guide regrading that: Automating Blokada's behaviour with Tasker
Easer, Automate and macDroid should be able to handle that as well

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Did that work for you?

Ye working great didnt expect that feature i have niw created a great always on vpn so it will never disconnect

Good to hear that.
Enjoy your day