Blokada Wallpapers by Funsterbe

Hello folks:)

Funsterbe, a member of the Insiders team, took the time to design some Blokada-related wallpapers. Thank you very much for this, Funsterbe, it’s really great work!
Enjoy using them.

Dystopia in red

Alfa protection

Blokada-power activated

Free the world

‘The forty-two eyes’ or ‘A Blokada Deep-dream’

The smoky shield


Speed for your phone

Be sure to share any kind of Blokada-related art with us either here or via :).


Cool pictures. :heart:

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Hahaha:D I see you really like them:D Very nice:)!
I’ll make sure Funsterbe sees this:D

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Thx for the recognition. I’ll try to do some more if and when I find time. :+1:


Awesome:D! I love the sound of this:D looking forward to it;)

If you have any questions regarding Blokada please ask them in the Support Category @Renato_Borda.

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