Blokada vs PiHole

I use Blokada regularly on my smartphone and on my network I have a PiHole. Do they block the same things? I mean: is it safe to disable Blokada when I’m connected to my home network?
I’m asking because I often connect to my home network via OpenVPN and I can’t keep Blokada active.

Hi, Andre.

I use Pi-Hole and Blokada as well. Both programs let you choose which lists to enable, though the choice is open-ended in Pi-Hole. If all the lists you’ve enabled in Blokada are also enabled on Pi-Hole then you don’t need Blokada as well. However, if you disable Blokada, all DNS requests will have to get as far as your home network before they’re rejected, whereas Blokada can do it without incurring any network traffic or delays.


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