Blokada VPN showing wrong country

New topic created cause of a couple of typos in the last.

Using Blokada Plus on Android here. Enjoying it so far. Not many problems.

But when I set my gateway to Amsterdam, Netherlands and subsequently do an IP check in one of my browsers or in a standalone app, they all say Copenhagen, Denmark instead.

Anyone else having a similar problem?


I checked now and I have the same result as you do. However the IPv6 address was reported correctly.

The majority of these services probably use the Maxmind database.
Unfortunately this database doesn’t always have the accurate information. This is probably because the first half of the IP range that the gateway is using is indeed hosted in Copenhagen while the last half is in Amsterdam.

I’ll submit a correction to Maxmind


Ah, ok. Thanks for replying and clarifying. It’s not a big problem, just something I noticed.

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