Blokada v5.1.0 vs Blokada v4.8.3 app size

I am using Blokada v4.8.3 on Mi TV 4X Android TV which is very low on memory and internal storage.
Just read about Blokada 5 having new engine and faster but was wondering why is there such a huge app size difference …just curious

Blokada v4.8.3 = 12.5 MB
Blokada v5.1.0 = 54.3 MB

Even Blokada v5.1.0 works for me though the UI is not designed for TV.
There are some advanced options which just crash the app and buttons are not highlighted properly but you can get the way around and activate it to work.

V5 isn’t optimized for android TV devices yet. Please stay on V4 for now.

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I already know that and had even tried the v5.1.0.
My question was with regarding the huge app size difference in both versions.
Which new engine has been embedded which is so differentiably big?

Hello and welcome to our community:)
This increased file size is directly due to the new engine and the native code libraries in Rust associated with it. Does that answer your question:)?

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