Blokada traffic freezes suddenly and needs switch off/on to wake up

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  1. Where did you download Blokada from?
    Ususally Blokada asks to update to the newest version. Sometimes I get it from the official Blokada website.
  2. Which device do you use? Do you use a custom ROM? Do you know which OS version you are using?
    Samsung Galaxy S8, newest Android 9, no custom ROM
  3. Please explain the issue as detailed as possible. Also include patterns you observed (like ‘it only happens on wifi’). The more information the better.
    I have two devices with Blokada Plus. Number one has a SIM card/is booked into the local phone network and has WIFI enabled. Number two is in Roaming from another country but also on WIFI. As both are on WIFI the Roaming mode should not have any influence. But the strange thing is that only the mobile which is on Roaming always freezes the Blokada traffic after a while. Example: in the morning the small Blokada screen (where the currently blocked sites are shown on the home screen) shows that Blokada stopped working in the night, e.g. at 2 am. Or two hours ago. It varies when Blokada stops working.
  4. Since when are you facing this issue?
    I think since the last update to Blokada 5.15.0 (android 28 full release).
  5. Did you already try to solve the issue somehow? If so: please state what you did.
    If I switch Blokada off and on again, Blokada does wake up and works as desired. But after a time that varies, it “falls asleep” again and unfortunately blocks all traffic. Sometimes I do also have to switch WIFI off and on again to activate Blokada again. “Always on” in the VPN menu is switched on. I use a local DNS for both devices. But without extra DNS-encryption (DoH) as I have Blokada Plus enabled. Once Blokada is alive again, traffic goes through again and I receive all emails, notifications etc. that were blocked during “sleep time” in one second.

Thank you

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Same here. Blokada+ active -> no internet - #2 by Bert

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