Blokada produces comprehensive mobile data traffic

I’ve a problem with Blokada since some weeks. Following the android within the settings, blokada produces comprehensive mobile data traffic.
And I don’t think it’s just a calculation error by Android, because my provider has informed me several times that my volume is used up.

App version:
at least V5.16.0, up to V5.18.0

Device model
issue detected on both devices:
Moto G5+
Moto G6+

OS version
Android 8.1.0
Android 9

Steps to reproduce the bug
I found out that the high data consumption only happens when Blokada+ is activated.

Expected behavior
Data traffic of a few kilobytes

Actual behavior
the system shows in the settings for blokada a very high mobile data usage of many megabytes, over the period of a few days even several hundreds of megabytes


Blokada Plus forwards all traffic from your other apps, this is why its listed as high network usage. It doesn’t produce its own traffic.
This means that your total data traffic would be roughly the same (except of course the ads traffic that are blocked) with Blokada Plus turned off, but it wouldn’t be summarized under Blokada.

Thank you. I will observe with the aspect the course the next few days.

Ok, understood so far.
According to this, other APPs should not be listed in the mobile data consumption at all? However, this is not the case. Here, too, the counters count up. However, the display for Blokada is always leading.
And of course I’m surprised why I haven’t noticed this after many months of using Blokada.

If the app Foobar ocunts 1MB of traffic, Blokada will also forward 1MB of traffic.
You would see 2MB in total but your mobile carrier would only have seen 1MB.

When Plus is active, Blokada consumes all traffic sent by other apps, encrypts it and forwards it through the Blokada gateways

Are you talking about the data usage listed under the connections tab in the settings menu? If so my data usage shows apps are still using data. I am using Blokada+

Sorry I don’t have Android myself. But yes, apps will still use data and Blokada will forward that data.
Thus counters for both the app using data and the Blokada app will tick at the same time.

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