Blokada on a child's phone with googel familiy


my kids are both on Android (9 and ONE) using google family for kids.

Google family sensibly limits what they can install and I have to approve. It also limits screentime.

So far, so good.

Of course, I would like to install blokada to keep them, especially in games, from ads, pop-ups, traps, etc.

However, I have not found a way to install to apk on the children’s phone - any tipps or tricks?


Have you tried disabling Google Family then installing Blokada?
Google Family is no doubt blocking the installation because it’s being what’s called “Side Loaded” (Installed outside of Google’s guidelines).
Once Blokada is installed Google Family may even block updates for the app.
You could try installing F-Droid and try installing Blokada from there.


Thanks for the reply.

Tried disabling Google Family, but that way updates don’t work and disabling iteach time there is an update, is not an option, as it is not as easy as it seems.

I would try F-Droid but that’s not google’s play store, you need to install the apk…so the same poroblem.

Hmmm :thinking: I see your point. The problem is once you sign up for a Google account they’ve got you pinned to the wall.
I’ll keep my eyes open for a workaround. But even with Google holding your hands you can still get malware on an Android phone, every few months there’s reports of 100’s of apps being pulled from the Play Store because they contain malware.