Blokada Family is here!

Yes, you heard right! It’s HERE! :tada: :tada:

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Blokada Family on the Apple App Store!

Over the past months, we’ve been working on a new app that addresses an issue we care deeply about: our loved ones spend more time on the internet than they probably do with us, and keeping them safe from undesired content can be complicated.

That’s why we decided to create the Blokada Family app!

We believe every family deserves a safe and controlled online environment. Blokada Family extends that mission to your loved ones, giving you peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected online.

  • Protect your family from harmful content: Filter out inappropriate websites and apps to ensure a safe online environment for your kids.
  • Promote healthy online habits: Blokada Family helps you manage screen time and set boundaries for responsible internet use.
  • Enjoy peace of mind: With Blokada Family, you can relax knowing your family is protected online.
  • Protect your privacy: Enjoy the same reliable ads and tracker filtering as in Blokada v6.

Download Blokada Family on the App Store today!

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Love it. Much needed. BUT: Don’t need it on phones or on tablets, I need this on a laptop (windows, linux my end but iOS too) and believe it or not I need it on an Xbox and on a Nintendo Switch … these are the things kids have and we want to make safe after catching them on youtube!


Okay, but what does it do? Why create another app and not just extend the functionality of the main app? Also why no Android release?