Blockada remains stuck at the same stage


I am facing an issue with the app, where it’s not blocking any ads and it’s going into a deadlock stage. I tried the below steps:

  1. Turning off the app and restarting it again
  2. Clearing the cache and storage
  3. Reinstalling it

But all the steps didn’t work and I could see that , even if it gets started, it remains at that stage and no further blocking of ads happens and it remains stuck at same stage

Using on: Redmi Note 8( Android 11)

I am attaching the logs and the screenshots.

Can someone please provide any solution to this problem

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Can you access the Internet anyway?
Make sure to turn off Private dns in your system settings.
Do not set it to automatic.
Set it to “Off”.

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thanks a lot…it worked after setting the Private DNS to Off

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