Android tv box vpn

Hi there!

I am using Blokada plus on my smartphone which works fine so far, but i usually upgraded it to use on my android tv box xsarius. There are big issues running the blokada app on the box, causing shutdowns all the time. I guess it has not enough ram (1gb only :slight_smile: )

Now i want to configure the vpn, i tried before on my pc and it worked fine with wireshark, but on my android box i get the same problems with shutdowns. There is an option menu for vpn in the box Settings, asking for
Vpn protocoll, vpn server, username and password.

So my question is, where can i find these? The only thing i found is to create a configure file for wireshark but it doesnt help at all :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help in advance!

Are you running blokada 4 on your android box? Blokada 5 has issues running outside of phones & tablets. Also, we recommend users use WireGuard with their Plus VPN subscription if they do not desire to use the Blokada app.


Thanks for suggestion, i run blokada 5 so maybe v4 will solve, i will try :+1:

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