[SOLVED] Telegram chat cannot exit or delete

Hi, I don’t know what happens, if I get kicked, banned or bugged from Telegram chat channel but, I cannot exit or even delete the channel.

Blokada Chat (group menage and join group)

Clickin on “Gestisci Gruppo” (Group Manage) don’t do nothing and I cannot Join Group cause a popup say: this group is inaccessible

Now seems ok but I’ll have to open Telegram app, go to Settings/Privacy and Security, then at Contacts menu I disable contacts syncronization and delete the syncronized contacs, then re-enable syncronize contacs. From Telegram Desktop is not possible to do because lack of settings. Tgrm “support” :joy: is inexistent. They never replied even once.

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That’s interesting. What an amazing new telegram bug :joy: