Just a hug ...arfarfarf...French kind!

Hello to all of u, Ladies & Gent.
Please excuse my poor Spanglish … Lets ay i’m kind of >>> fr-FR_UTF8
Just giving a try !
Looong time “Mullvad” user…& Linux, to be true…
Got the infos on mga forum !
Just wondering if u have a desktop app ? Let me know !
Cheers to all & best…Take good care

Hi, just a gess … If there’s no apps for W10, same goes for .deb or .rpm ? Nice day. F.

Yep, for now. However keep your feedback coming on where you wish to see Blokada apps. I am making plans based on that.

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@ Karol, many thanks for u’r worck …might be very usefull !!!

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