How to use tags in our community

Tags are searchable little add-ons for every post. They are meant to describe the content of the post. When you start a topic make sure to tag it, this way it will be way easier for others to find the topic and participate.

What are the available tags?

  • operating system: iOS | Android | Slim (for the Android version downloadable at the Google Play Store)

  • functionalities: Ad-blocking | DNS | Blokada-Plus (for our VPN service)

  • organization:
    linked (this tag is used if the article is visible in-app)
    getting started (all information relevant for getting started with Blokada)

  • tags mostly relevant for the category ‘Support’:
    -> start a post with:
    help needed
    please recommend (if you would like the community to recommend a specific setup)
    -> follow-up:
    confirmed bug (only use this tag if a mod confirms it!)
    no input from OP (OP didn’t provide new input for a week? Use this tag)
    please verify (use this if you noticed something and want others to verify whether they see the same behavior or whether that solves their problems as well)

  • tags mostly relevant for ‘Other Discussions’:
    feedback (for feedback about the app, or anything blokada-related)
    feature request (please check our Github repository before posting one)
    project (if you want to start a blokada-related project and seek help or feedback)
    translations (for anything related to translating Blokada)
    online presence (for website-related comments)

Please comment how this system works for you, whether you miss something or whether something is unclear! Thank you for reading:).