How to use tags in our community

Tags are searchable little add-ons for every post. They are meant to describe the content of the post. When you start a topic make sure to tag it, this way it will be way easier for others to find the topic and participate.

What are the available tags?

  • operating system: iOS | Android | Slim (for the Android version downloadable at the Google Play Store)

  • functionalities: Ad-blocking | DNS | Blokada-Plus (for our VPN service)

  • organization:
    linked (this tag is used if the article is visible in-app)
    getting started (all information relevant for getting started with Blokada)

  • tags mostly relevant for ‘Other Discussions’:
    feedback (for feedback about the app, or anything blokada-related)
    feature request (please check our Github repository before posting one)
    project (if you want to start a blokada-related project and seek help or feedback)
    translations (for anything related to translating Blokada)

Please comment how this system works for you, whether you miss something or whether something is unclear! Thank you for reading:).