How to contribute?

Thank you for thinking about joining the Blokada Team! There are many ways to support the project, from participating in the Blokada Insiders program, beta testing releases, donating testing devices or money or purchasing Blokada Plus account (each active subscription helps us keep the boat afloat).

However, in this article we are focusing on code contributions. If you are a developer, experience or fresh, we would be more than happy to merge your pull request and credit your work.

As of today, the getting started route is a bit rough for new developers. Despite that, we’ve gotten some useful contributions over the years. We promise to fix this, and make the intro better, but in the meantime, here are some basic rules.

Building Blokada

The newest Android Studio builds Blokada just fine, but you need to remember to build a proper flavor. You won’t be able to build the official flavors, because only we have the signing keys. For development, we recommend building fullDebug flavor. The full in name stands for the full app release available on our homepage.

You will need to define the following constants in your ~/.gradle/


Translations are in a separate repo, so your builds will have English only.

We work on github and use the usual PR based flow for managing development.

Once you manage to build the app and still want to contribute, kudos! Please join our keybase or telegram channel and say you are a developer, our community will forward you to our friendly developers wmo will guide you through your first contribution. :wink: