Blokada Plus and VPN server owners

Hello, I appreciate the effort involved in producing Blokada, and I find it so useful right now that I’m considering switching from my current VPN provider to Blokada Plus. But as using any VPN service relies on trust that the service really adheres to a no-log policy, I’m curious about one thing: Are Blokada’s VPN servers owned by Blokada, or are they rented through third-parties?
Note that I did look at the FAQ section to find info on this, and did some searching, but couldn’t find anything explicitly explaining this. :slight_smile:


Hello, welcome to our community!
Thanks for considering Blokada Plus.

Blokada is funded purely by people like you, independent from any external investors. We’ve turned down many offers to sell data about our users. Blokada is also an ad-blocker, thus making advertisements to grow faster aren’t really an option for us.

Because of the rather limited options for growth and funding, we needs to optimize the expenses for providing a stable VPN service in as many locations as possible while still being in control.
By renting our first generation of servers, we can cut the up front expenses of buying and shipping hardware ourselves. In the long run however, owning our own hardware is something we aim for.

Rest assured that the server software and OS installed are managed by the Blokada team without any dependencies on 3rd parties.

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