Blokada+ is expensive

Too bad Blokada+ is so expensive. I think this type of service should not cost more than 25% of the current price. There are two ways to value the product, you can inflate the price and have few customers, or you can value the product low, and with a large number of acquired customers earn even more :wink:

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Blokada Plus includes Blokada Cloud which was added last year at no additional cost, the complete package is a unique combination.

The Blokada Cloud competitor NextDNS Pro which matches Blokada’s “unlimited queries & devices” is €2/mo or ~€1,7/mo with an annual subscription.
Blokada Plus competitor NordVPN month to month is ~€11. Or €5 if subscribing with an annual subscription.

Total service cost for the complete package with competitors: €7-13/mo.
Blokada Plus (includes Cloud): €5/mo and 4€/mo with an annual plan.

Also, Blokada is an “app first”-experience with both types of services in the same app

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Yes, the price compared to the competition is not high, although you can find cheaper ones, around $2 per month, or $20 for life [link removed] :slight_smile: , but I still think that 4Euro/mo for this kind of service is still a lot. :slight_smile:

What I was trying to show in my previous comment is the value of the service Blokada offers. No VPN service can offer what Blokada Plus offers in terms of adblocking.

"We are not aiming for Blokada to be the cheapest service, we are aiming to make it the best".

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The latter way is also great if you’re trying to overwhelm your servers as quickly as possible.
Server traffic isn’t cheap unluckily.

The third party service you referred to has severe issues with their privacy policy.
They claim not to keep any identifying information of you yet need your Name and address for creating the account in the first place - that’s separate to your payment they’ll ask you for these details again there.
Additionally the service reserves the right to work with third parties which “benefit you as an end user through advertising”. These third parties are allowed to apply their own respective privacy policy.


I think I’ll wait for some “Exclusive Deal” :star_struck: :money_mouth_face: :smile:

There hasn’t been one so far and the likelihood of there being one in the foreseeable future is minimal.
That is because upkeep for our services doesn’t just drop. We need consistency to slowly improve the service. We’re not willing to compete with dumping prices

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