Blokada 5 vs Blokada 6

When I want to select a certain dns server in the networks, one has a flat lock and the other has a crossed out lock. Why is this? The crossed out padlock dns is not working or what?

The locked are encrypted (DoH) while the others are not. All work… some support encryption in DNS, while the ones with the crossed out lock don’t.

Oh, thank you!

What about Blokada 5S? It’s the version I currently have installed from Play Store.

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I too have same problem with 6 freezing and locking my phone up

Blokada 6.0 (from play Store) or 5 (from the Blokada web site? If it is the latter, my suggestion would be to download again. Doing so should give you Blokada 5, v. 22q3f, which is the most recent version of 5 and is what fixed my problems with Blokada 5 on Android 8.1.

If you have downloaded from Play Store, then you actually have Blokada 6. I am afraid that i can’t help with that since i don’t use it.

Edit: one thing i dislike about the web site is there is no indication of a version update. I just checked, and sure enough, there is a newer version, v.22307, which shows in Blokada as “blokada/22.3.7”. Sorry about that. I should have checked before posting.

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i am new to Blokada and just installed the Blokada 5 App (Version 22.3.8) from F-Droid on my Samsung Android 12 phone.

On Github there are also two apk’s to download (app escaped-release.apk and blokada-v22308.apk).

Is it possible this is Blokada 5 and 6 on Github to download ?

If so, what are the differences between Blokada 5 on F-Droid, and Github ?
And between Blokada 6 on Github and the Google Play Store.

And my second question is about using Blokada 5 or 6 (not the Plus version) with another VPN App.
I use Cyberghost VPN. I tried it , but it didnt work.
When the Cyberghost VPN app is running and I activate Blokada 5, the Cyberghost App gets deactivated.
If i read it correctly, it should work…

Can someone help me with that ?
Thank you,

Blokada 6 is only available on Google Play Store, it is recommended to install Blokada 5 through our website only.

Blokada doesn’t support third-party apps (VPN or DNS resolvers)

Less liberal/WEF/NWO controlled locations would be preferred.