Problems downloading new Blokada apk


I just tried downloading the latest Blokada APK (5.6.0) using a PC and also my phone (Android 10). On both the download is predicted to take several hours and fails after a couple of minutes.

I’m assuming the file is actually hosted on GitHub?

For some reason if I switch on a VPN tunnel to the USA it downloads within a minute.

I’m in Germany and have a 250Mbit DSL connection so that shouldn’t be a problem but it looks like GitHub doesn’t like Germans downloading these releases :frowning:

Can you maybe host the files somewhere else or offer a mirror?


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You can also get it via F-Droid if you don’t mind the releases being a few weeks behind. Both Blokada 4 & 5.x are now available on F-Droid.

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Yeah, guess that will be plan B then.

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