Prefer network DNS nonfunctional


Samsung Galaxy A33 / Android 13 / Blokada 5 22.4.19 / download from

Network DNS setting for my home network is nonfunctional.
At all the network specific settings are nonfunctional.
Proof: configured global DNS to Cloudflare. Network specific DNS to Google. Activity Popup shows Cloudflare setting.
Issue exists since some time.
To access my local network in full function I need to disable Blokada.



Can you please share a screenshot of your network tab?

Same here, my wifi network toggle is on and set to prefer network dns but the All network profile seems to be the active (green) one.

Find the screenshots below

I am also experiencing this issue.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra / Android 13 / Blokada 5 22.4.19 / download from

Network DNS can’t be encrypted.
Turn that off and try again.

Turned encryption for network DNS off (actually the menu tells this would only be encrypted in case non-network DNS is used).
Restarted phone. Issue persists.

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Issue still persists on 22.4.20.
I’ve tried different variations of configurations and it always stays on “All networks.”
Should someone create an Issue on the Github repo for more visibility?

Created Issue for tracking on Github:

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