Lot of VPNs being arm twisted by government - How safe is Blokada VPN?


I have seen a lot of news about fishy VPN providers who themselves track their users and hand over user data to the government. This even happened with a sponsor of “Linus Tech Tips”

I am wondering if you can sort of assure me or if the community can confirm that the VPN service provided by Blokada is secure.

Also since I am in India is there a better pricing that you can offer for users in Asian Countries ?


Blokada VPN, keeps no logs of your activity except the minimum info associated with the subscription account like paypal ID or email address. You can read more about it bellow.

To my knowledge, we have yet to be asked by any government to hand over buyer’s information.

As for VPN discounts, that is not yet possible, unless you get the 12 months subscription which has a 20% off.


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