How to use Blokada on other platforms?

It is possible to use our VPN on any device that are supported by WireGuard. Check this article to learn more:

Faedrak made an unofficial script for Linux users. Till now all users reported that it works very well. Here is the link:


Old topic, but find it interesting because I have other devices apart from Android.
Interesting to see that Blokada isn’t available for Chrome and other desktop browsers.

I’m using Blokada on my F(X)Tec Pro1 running Android 9, which will soon be updated to 10.
But my main phone, for calls, texts etc is a Sony Xperia 1 running SailfishX OS SailfishOS (I am planning to reflash the F(X)Tec Pro1 with a community port of SailfishOS when it becomes stable enough to use on the device.
The good thing about SailfishOS is that it also runs Android apps, which can be installed outside of the Play Store via an alternative like the included Store or via Aurora Store.
I have Blokada Origin installed on my Sailfish Sony Xperia but can’t activate it, probably due to the secure nature of Sailfish and the Android layer (Dalvik or ART). It may work on later adaptations of Sailfish on Sony devices but the Xperia 1 only supports Android 4.4.

Any thoughts? :neutral_face:

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Hey there:)
what do you mean by Blokada Origin? Are you talking about uBlock origin? Or is that the name of the version for Android 4 and lower?

When I install Blokada on the Sailfish phone I get an option to install Blokada Origin “…because it works more efficiently with Android 4.4.” That’s what version of Dalvik ART is included with the Sony Xperia X1 version of Sailfish. (Newer Sony devices are Android 9. Note to self: Get a newer Sony, you slob. :crazy_face::joy:)