How to manually block or allow additional domains

This guide explains how to manage allowed and blocked domains, navigate to the Activity tab on the bottom navigation bar.

Activity tab

Here you will find the most Recent and Top blocked or allowed domains.

If you’re having issues with an app or webpage, it might be because of a blocked domain in this list. It should appear on the top of Recent if you check here right after the issue occurs.

When you see an ad or possible tracking attempt that was allowed, you can manually add this entry to be blocked the next time.

Allow domain

Touch and hold a blocked entry to reveal the context menu, then select Add to Allowed.
This domain will now be allowed instead of blocked from now on.

Block domain

Touch and hold an allowed entry to reveal the context menu, then select Add to Blocked.
This domain will now be blocked instead of allowed from now on.


If you change your mind, simply repeat the process and select Remove from Allowed or Remove from Blocked to undo.

You can also access these actions from the detail view of each entry, simply tap the entry to see a list of Actions.

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