How to convince my friend that Blokada VPN Tunnel is better than ExpressVPN

Hi Team,

I am using Blokada VPN Tunnel service.

I want to convince my friend to switch from ExpressVPN to Blokada VPN tunnel.

could you please help me in understaning the differences.

Mohan Raj Kumar V A

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There have been quite some issues in the past with ExpressVPN. Here’s a Wikipedia article regarding that. Look through the Reception.
“The company does, however, collect some information. It gathers the aggregate amount of data transferred by each user. It logs the most recent date, but not time, a successful connection has been made. The company also notes which VPN location you connect with—but not a specific public-facing IP address. ExpressVPN stresses that this information is not sufficient to identify a specific individual, since it would be identical to many other users. Still, customers should always be skeptical of anonymized data, since it doesn’t always stay anonymous.”
Here’s the full article.

You can find the full privacy policy of ExpressVPN here and ours here


Hello…with that said, i assume Blokada is supposedly more secure than ExpressVPN.
Nevertheless, can you confirm the following?
I also have an ExpressVPN subscription…so i’m running that VPN on my android box, which collides with the Blokada one. So far I have disabled the Blokada one, because I was not sure about it.
Recently, I have configured in Blokada, the DNS provided by ExpressVPN.
Does it mean that I can run now Blokada instead of ExpressVPN, and still have the DNS “protection” from ExpressVPN? If so, the Blokada tunnel is then doing/dealing with the traffic part?
Many thanks for your quick reply…
Much appreciated.

To answer this question I’d need to know the DNS address. Additionally I’m pretty certain that their DNS Servers aren’t having an edge over others. There are a lot of DNS Servers out there some of which are even run by associations. Why do you prefer the ExpressVPN DNS? Blokada Plus/Tunnel will work anyway.

Do you have any further questions regarding this? :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply!
I suppose I’m clear now…
ExpressVPN claims to run their own zero knowledge DNS…means there’s no tracking at all…
I wouldn’t be able to comment on veracity.
In my case, given I have paid for the service, i would like to use to actually conclude anything then…that is mostly the reason.

There are DNS Servers which aren’t owned by corporate bodies. They’re much better

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