How can I use my Blokada Plus / Blokada Tunnel subscription on multiple devices?

Blokada allows you to connect 5 devices to the gateways at the same time. To use the subscription on multiple devices, follow the below steps:

  1. open Blokada’s menu, choose Blokada Tunnel on the device where you already use the Tunnel
  2. Choose My Blokada Tunnel
  3. Note the Account ID under My account
  4. open Blokada’s menu on the device where you want to add the subscription
  5. choose Blokada Tunnel , there choose My Blokada Tunnel
  6. Choose Restore account
  7. Add your Account ID and choose RESTORE

If your device doesn’t support the WireGuard protocol, please refer to the following article to activate the tunnel: Using the WireGuard app.