Energized Protection packs outdated by a week


  1. F-Droid.
  2. Xiaomi Redmi 7A, factory ROM, Android 10.
  3. Compare https://blokada.org/mirror/v5/energized/blu/hosts.txt on device with https://block.energized.pro/blu/formats/domains.txt

Yes I update the mirrors weekly or biweekly.

Hey there:)
I am not really sure what to answer to this as I don’t see any question here?

But what I can tell you nevertheless is that (as you might know) for example Energized had some problems with their servers in the last months and for our users this resulted in Blokada no longer blocking ads. That’s why we decided to host the lists on our own server and therefore make sure they are available even if list maintainers have problems with their service. As Karol already explained these mirrors are getting updated at least twice a month:)

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