Encryption level

How can I set encryption level to high? Please help.

Hello there. If you tap on encryption level inside Blokada and scroll down you will see a Get Blokada Plus option. If you subscribe to Blokada Plus (VPN) you’re internet traffic will be encrypted and your encryption level status will change to High.

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Regarding encryption, if a VPN tunnel is created locally on the device isnt that encrypted by default ?
I use a 3rd party VPN and was looking to use Blokada with it, i know you cannot have 2 VPN connections but if the option for proxy filtering or HTTP filtering is available you could use both (cant find this in latest version).

I guess im truyong to find out, could you use Blokada as a VPN and have all traffic enctrypted when its turned on just like for example Nord or Express or Proton? Lets say i terminate my VPN then just use Blokada will it provide the same encyrpted tunnel that ISPs cannot track ? and what encryption does it use if so ? and does it collect any logs ?

You can use Blokada as a fully encrypted VPN if you Subscribe to Blokada Plus. Otherwise your traffic will not be encrypted by us (other than DoH DNS queries). HTTPS content stays untouched of course

Unless the root CA got leaked or your country has their own CA of course :slight_smile:

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