Changing DNS with Blokada

Blokada provides a list of pre-defined DNS servers you can choose from.

What is DNS?

The acronym DNS stands for Domain Name System. Your device communicates with DNS servers, which are like road signs, helping you to find the places on the Internet that you want to visit. For example, when you want to open , the DNS server will tell your browser which IP addresses to connect to.

Another way to describe DNS is as a phone book. What number do you call to get to That number is the IP address.

Your Internet Service Provider (the operator of your WiFi or mobile network) has its own DNS servers, your device will use them by default. With Blokada however, you may switch to one of reputable and trustworthy DNS servers. They should be used if you are suspecting that your ISP collects logs about your internet usage, you are afraid of some privacy risk or if some websites or services are blocked for you.

Keep in mind that there is no “best” choice, everything depends on your preferences and location, therefore it’s a good idea to do a little research about your choice.

Changing DNS is a free feature in Blokada, and you may use it without the Blokada Plus / Blokada Tunnel subscription.

Also if you are interested in encrypted DNS, Blokada 5 (currently available on iOS only, coming to Android next) supports DNS over HTTPS out of the box. In fact, all servers listed in the app are DoH enabled.

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I did not understand this statement because I don’t know about DoH. Can someone clarify, please.

Hey @ashubuntu:)
Read about DoH here. Karol wants to say that DOH, means encrypting DNS requests is enabled by default.

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Thank you @c_C.
Seems like people have mixed opinions about DoH regarding privacy and Internet Security.

In what sense?