Blokada v2.0 is out!

Yes, Blokada v2.0 is out! With the source in the open! :smiley:

This is a very important release for several reasons:

  • Blokada is an open source project now. This has a lot of consequences - you can read about them here!
  • Translations are supported , and v2.0 comes with 6 languages straight out of the box! Expect more in future releases (we have German and Dutch in the pipeline). You can also help translating the app to your language!
  • Code has been heavily refactored for better reliability, less battery use, easier contributions and future development.

Note that despite you won’t see many changes on the outside, the majority of the codebase is rewritten, and this is the first release with the new code. So, some growing pains are expected, which I will be fixing as we discover them. That said, unless you like living on the edge, you may wanna stay out of 2.0 for some time :wink:

A bit more detailed changelog for v2.0:

  • Blokada now speaks Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish and Czech!
  • Significant rewrite for better stability
  • Fixed Blokada turning itself off and never on again
  • Improved Start on Boot
  • Optimized code to improve battery life
  • A lot of work done for easier contributions
  • Bufixes