Blokada DNS using Google!?


I just updated to 5.6.0 and turned on Blokada DNS. When I go to and run the test it shows 2 servers that are used, one being owned by Google.

See screenshot here…

Is that how it should be or is there a problem?


Hi there, have you disabled Private DNS on your device? It should be set to "OFF’.

Yes, in the phone settings Private DNS is off.

Please perform a test with
Either your browser is acting up or the test service you’re using is not working properly. Or your system does something weird.

Just tried on and the result has only one server. See here:

On the other website it still shows up with Google though.

I’m using latest Fennec F-Droid browser and with any of the other DNS servers like digitalcourage or digitale-gesellschaft there is no Google result on either site. The Google result only seems to appear when I use Blokada DNS so I don’t think it’s something on my system causing this…

Any other ideas?


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