Blokada+ active -> no internet

Every time I connect to Blokada+, the internet simply stops working (independently on location selected for VPN). This happens in different Wi-Fi networks, but not when using mobile data.
I have been facing this issues for several weeks already. Has anyone experienced the same? What can I try?

I have an Honor 9 with EMUI version 9.1.0 (Android 9) and latest stable version of Blokada 5.14.4

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A similar problem:
I have 3 devices with the same Blokada + configuration:

5.14.4 / OISD / DNS encrypted / Cloudflare / Frankfurt
Samsung A40 / Android 11, Xiaomi MI A3 / Android 11, Amazon Fire HD10 (only WLAN)
Blokada app setting without battery management

On all devices, Blokada stops / blocks from time to time (even overnight). WLAN network access is no longer possible. Switching Blokada off / on solves the problem.
I have only been able to observe this phenomenon since the last version.

Had the same prob. Switched to the second server Frankfurt. Works.

I have same problem.
5.15 Beta / Blokada DNS / Tokyo
Sony Xperia Android9

This may be linked.

This did not work for me. Changing server location allows Internet connection for a bit. But it then returns to what I stated in the original post

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Guys, please try the coming 5.16 stable (this Friday) and let me know if you are still going to experience this problem or not.

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hopefully, the next update will come with the ios version as well since the latest ios version is still on 5.14.

iOS has to wait for the next big version that we are working on. The current v5 line was broken by an iOS update and cannot be fixed, so there is no point to making minor updates.

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Please go to Settings tab → This device → and check the “Ping network” setting. Is it off?

I see, thank you for your feedback. I’ll try to have a look at why this specific behavior happens.

Hi. Galaxy s21 here. No sleep on blokada in settings.
This behaviour forced me to stop using the VPN plus function. Was hoping 5.16 would fix it but it doesn’t.
Sometimes turning blokada off and on again works, sometimes a reboot is necessary. But it always comes back.

Until blokada 5.16 it worked no problem in Galaxy tab S7. Since 5.16 it happens on Galaxy tab as well. The behaviour is slightly different it seems to happen only after a period of inactivity and turning off and on again does the trick.

On Galaxy s21 I had to disable the plus features all together.
Do you have any idea what is happening? I would love to be able to use plus features all the time :wink:

So I try uninstall/reinstall and so far (24hrs) the connection hasn’t dropped once.

This seems to do the trick. Instead of updating the app, from now on I will uninstall and reinstall.

Maybe if other people can try and confirm it could help.


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