Blokada 5 for Android: Beta (finished)

Hi !!
I have Samsung galaxy A50 (android 10, One UI 2.0), and after today’s monthly update, blokada stopped working. I have never had a problem before (blokada 4 or blokada 5)


Please try the following:


I have the same problem with miui12. I cleaned data and uninstalled previous version 5.0.9. After clean install 5.0.10 problem still persists. During the night blokada becomes inactive.

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Any MIUI folks, send me logs to when you notice the app becomes inactive!


So far, 5.0.11 has exhibited none of the behavioral problem of 5.0.9. Good job, Karol. Not close to anything major, however, one thing I miss from the 4 series is the ability to rest the count of ads blocked. As I said, not a big deal, but it would be nice to be able to reset the count to more easily determine the number of ads blocked in a day or week, rather than since day one of use.


Make sure to check your private DNS settings.
The miui update tends to mess with them

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Can you add anudeepND blacklist in blokada 5, in next update we can get anudeepND blacklist

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Pings are unnecessary.
Refrain from using them if they’re not needed

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I am using blokada on Android 11 and its not loading any user installed apps to bypass. Re tested on 5.1 beta version, still same issue is present.

Edit: No issue on version 4.

Was there a changelog or update post here for 5.0.10 or 5.0.11? I’m not finding it.

hey Leif:)
good to see you here:) Blokada: Changelog <- here are the changes for those versions listed:)

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The changelog for 5.1.0 is not yet available as I just saw.

Thank you, I just like to see those and I was reading along with them in here apparently :joy:

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You are very welcome:) Totally understand that:D!

Logs sent :+1:t2:

I checked there.
No changes have been made by miui12 update.

Hi guys,

So I released Blokada 5.1 and it’s the moment Blokada 5 comes out of beta. It is stable enough for daily use.

This means from now on it’ll be the recommended release, and we’ll slowly publish it as the default on our channels (starting with Google Play, where the Slim version will land).

The issues that are left will be addressed as we go. Please keep sending logs if you experience problems.

The missing features from v4 will also be implemented step by step as we go.

Thank you for your feedback during the beta phase, it was very useful!



What’s new in Blokada v5

If you are new here, see the Goals in the first post, but in short, new UI (known from iOS) with simpler navigation, and rewritten codebase. We are aiming at a very high level of app stability connectivity, and so far it seems we doing very well with the v5.

Note that many features from v4 are not present yet in v5. They will be ported one by one as we go. The core functionality is there though, and the app should be already usable day to day.

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@Karol I am using blokada 5, if I turn off blokada then on it automatically number of ads blocking are increasing again and again if I do turn off to on

Please use the #support for discussing issues with the stable version going forward

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